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Beloit Wisconsin Chapter DAR
Beloit Wisconsin Chapter DAR
Beloit, Wisconsin
Beloit Wisconsin Chapter DAR
Beloit Wisconsin Chapter DAR
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Beloit Wisconsin Chapter DAR

Welcome to Beloit Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution!

Beloit Chapter Celebrates 110 Years

In September 2006, the Beloit Chapter had a party. With food, favors, and skits, the members celebrated their 110 year history. From Mrs. Isabelle Cole’s work to organize the chapter in 1896, pulling together the needed twelve applications … to the knitting and rolling bandages, helping the veterans and adopting a French girl during WWI and II … to celebrating over 500 members who have joined through the years, the Beloit Chapter continues to support the efforts of the NSDAR.
Beloit is proud to be part of a service organization which is making a difference in our world, our state, and our neighborhoods.

Pledge Student

The Pledge Student program for the chapter began in September 2001 when Lynn Skinner became the Beloit Chapter Regent and she continues as Chairman of the Pledge Committee. Each chapter meeting has a Pledge Student leading the chapter in the Pledge of Allegiance.

She began this project to interest younger mothers of students in DAR. Whenever possible the pledge students are children and grandchildren of chapter members. The students range in age from about 4 years old to younger teenagers.

The students, parents and chapter members love this program. It encourages the children to realize the importance and significance of the Pledge of Allegiance. It gives the child practice in self confidence because they stand in front of a group that they don’t know and they feel so important. They really love this program!

Chapter Officers

Vice Regent
Recording Secretary
Corresponding Secretary
  Bonnie Tigner
Ellen Zarnick
Margery Perkins Wallis
Joanne E. Johnson
Janet Easland
Charleta L. Affeldt
Shirley J. Brendemuehl
Phyllis Schultz
Geri Wallis

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