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National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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The Eau Claire Chapter was named for the city in which it was organized. When Jonathan Carver's exploration party, in May and June of 1767, came up the Chippewa River, a Frenchman in the party is supposed to have said "Eau Claire" when he saw the river entering the Chippewa from the east. They were looking for "clear water" to drink.

Eau Claire Chapter NSDAR was organized May 7, 1918. Organizing Regent, Mrs. H. A. Fulton, had to announce at the first meeting that she would be leaving town soon (undoubtedly due to war work). Mrs. Kestin was made the first regent. Mrs. Jeannette Fulton had been a member in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where her aunt had given her a life membership. Mrs. Emil Weinfeld had come to Eau Claire from Menomonie where she had been a member of the Chippewa Valley Chapter. Her daughter, Babette (Lasker) was brought in also. Mrs. Lucy Judson and Mrs. R. E. Mitchell had joined the Minniesing Chapter of Goshen, New York in 1911.

Charter Members

Mrs. L. G. Arnold   Mrs. J. J. Kelley
Mrs. J. T. Barber   Mrs. W. H. Kestin
Mrs. W. E. Blake   Mrs. E. C. Lee
Miss Frances Bostwick   Mrs. Herman Lasker
Mrs. C. J. Cooper   Mrs. D. J. Lyman
Mrs. Minnie B. Conway Dearth         Miss Nell B. Mason
Miss Martha E. Field   Mrs. R. E. Mitchell
Mrs. Hiram A. Fulton   Miss Zelma Monroe
Mrs. G. W. Green   Miss Pearl B. Pope
Mrs. Walter M. Hamer   Mrs. E. T. Thompson
Mrs. Willard G. Jackson   Mrs. Emil Weinfeld
Mrs. J. D. Judson   Mrs. H. Wiese
Mrs. T. B. Keith   Mrs. F. A. Wood

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