Janesville Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Janesville, Wisconsin
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Janesville Chapter was the second DAR chapter organized in Wisconsin.
On October 8, 1935, we celebrated the 40th birthday of our chapter.

On October 14, 1995, the chapter celebrated the 100th anniversary.

Daughters of Revolutionary War Patriots

Rachel Day Holmes (Mrs. William Holmes), born April 1, 1782, died May 17, 1863, her grave in Oakhill Cemetery was marked May 25, 1925.

Amey Pitman Potter Porter (Mrs. Isaac Porter), born Providence, Rhode Island, July 30, 1789, died November 2, 1871. A grave marker was placed in Cooksville Cemetery June 14, 1929, by the Janesville Chapter.

Elizabeth Kitchell Sayre, buried in Fulton Cemetery where a grave marker was placed June 14, 1930.

Emily Watson Williams, born 1803, died August 21, 1881, buried in Emerald Grove Cemetery. A descendant marked the grave October 21, 1936.

Lois Stillman Burdick, died 17 May 1851, grave in Milton Junction Cemetery. A marker placed in conjunction with Elizabeth Ellington Chapter, Washington State, on 17 Sep 2000.

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